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idea for ambient rack Racks by 45 661
Advice needed and MUCH appreciated on my 1st eurorack Racks by 8 166
Palette case companion to 0-coast, Pico System III, and MiniBrute2 Racks by 9 128
Shapeshifter Ambient/Drone You by 2 48
Trying to finish up my final skiff for a heavily augmented Make Noise B&G Shared system Racks by 5 95
First Euro Rack - Techno Racks by 10 212
Pharmasonic Tribute to the Roland System 700 Racks by 3 51
Help with a DFAM/0-coast based rack Racks by 3 67
(another) beginners rack Racks by 2 70
Exercise on (sort of) West Coast/Buchla 'eurorack traduction' Racks by 7 148
Claude Debussy 'Arabesque No.1' on Modular Synthesizer You by 2 31
help me to complete my first eurorack setup (ambient) Racks by 14 352
Second skiff build advice... Racks by 9 101
I am a complete modular beginner trying to create a budget randomized ambient synth. Pl... Racks by 10 258
MatrixBrute power info You by 4 17
Plays Well with Others... Modular Discussions by 3 69
Doepfer A-138s (jacks up) Modules by 2 1710
Empleh Hybrid ES8 or Hermod? Racks by 1 17
New Techno Build for DJ Exigen, Tung Bunker Studio, Norway. Racks by 19 31
patch rite You by 3 6
heavy hitter with DPO and TR-8S You by 5 2
my first eurorack idea Racks by 6 28
HappyFamily Racks by 3 17
First system Racks by 18 125
Midiot - Devil's Done v2 Racks by 1 2
First attempt at moving into the modular world, with plans for the future Racks by 2 16