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AA 14.2.1 104HP 11U (Next Purchases)Eurorack
AA 14.2 104HP 11UEurorack
AA CURRENT (Next Purchases)Eurorack
AA 14.1 104HP 11U (sequencer exploration)Eurorack
Dual 7u (Current System) (copied from cbm)Eurorack
AA 13.1.1 104HP 11U (starter) (snapshot)Eurorack
AA 13.1 104HP 11U (starter)Eurorack
AA 10.5.4 104HP 11U (starter)Eurorack
AA 104HP 7U (starter) (no drums)Eurorack
Barker 2020 (big)Eurorack
Barker 2020 (small)Eurorack
AA 104HP 11U (starter)Eurorack
AA 12.2 104HP 14U (stereo)Eurorack
AA 12.1 104HP 14U (stereo)Eurorack
AA 10.5.2 104HP 14U (starter)Eurorack
AA 10.6.1 104HP 7U (starter) (large modules)Eurorack
AA 10.5.1 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack
@user18081971: Aphex TwinEurorack
AA 11 104HP 7U (Serge)Eurorack
Kilchhofer & Michael AnklinEurorack
AA 10.5 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack
AA 10.4 104HP 7U (starter) (DFAM)Eurorack
AA 10.3 104HP 6U (techno)Eurorack
AA 10.2.1 104HP 12U (techno)Eurorack
AA 10.1.1 84HP 6U (starter) (polyphonic)Eurorack
AA 10.2 84HP 12U (techno)Eurorack
Caterina Barbieri Superbooth 2019 w/ UstaEurorack
Caterina Barbieri @ LoopEurorack
AA 10.1 104HP 7U (starter) (polyphonic)Eurorack
Blawan Studio 2020 (Home of Sound Course)Eurorack
Blawan 2018 pt. 2Eurorack
Blawan 2018 Pt.1Eurorack
Blawan Thomann Keys & Frequencies (14/04/2021)Eurorack
AA 10 104HP 7U (techno)Eurorack
9.1 (Techno) 104HP (starter)Eurorack (Techno) 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack (Techno) 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack
8.4.3 (Techno) 84HP 7U (starter)Eurorack
9 (Techno) 84HP (starter)Eurorack
8.4.2 (Techno) 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack
8.4.1 (Techno) 104HP 7U (starter) (copy)Eurorack
8.4.1 (Techno) 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack (Techno) 104HP 7U (Make Noise)Eurorack
8.4 (Techno) 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack
8.2.1 (Techno) 104HP 7U (er-301) (starter)Eurorack
8.3 (Techno) 104HP 12U (starter) (copy)Eurorack
8.2 (Techno) 104HP 7U (starter)Eurorack
8.2 (Techno) 104HP 7UEurorack
8.1 (Techno) 104HP 6U (starter)Eurorack
8 (Techno) 104HP 6UEurorack
6.3.2 (Techno) 104HP 12UEurorack
6.5 (Techno) 126HP 12UEurorack
6.3.1 (Techno) 104HP 12U (Starter System)Eurorack
JakoJako (NumNum Case / ACL 1,5 A) (copy) (copied from JakoJako)Eurorack
6.3 (Techno) 104HP 12UEurorack
6 (Techno) 104HP 12U (copy) (copy)Eurorack
6.2 (Techno) 104HP 12UEurorack
6.1 (Techno) 126HP 12UEurorack
6 (Techno) 104HP 12UEurorack
7 (Techno) 104HP 6UEurorack
5.1.6 (Techno) 126HP 12UEurorack
5.1.6 (Techno) 126HP 12U (Verbos)Eurorack
Hélène vogelsinger (copied from Zelezna)Eurorack
5.1.5 (Techno) 126HP 12UEurorack
Bana Haffar Velocity Seattle Guessing Game (copied from nuluos9)Eurorack
5.1.4 (Techno) 126HP 12UEurorack
5.1.3 (Techno) 126HP 6UEurorack
Cloud / Swarm / Cluster Oscillators (copied from 11235813)Eurorack
5.1.2 (Techno) 126HP 6UEurorack
5.3 (Techno) 126HPEurorack
5.1.1 (Techno) 126HP 6UEurorack
5.1 (Techno) 126HP 6UEurorack
5.2 (Techno) 126HP (Verbos)Eurorack
4.7.5 (Techno) 126HP 6UEurorack
4.7.4 (Techno) 126HP 6UEurorack
4.7.3 (Techno) 104HP 7UEurorack
4.7 (Techno) 126HP (Verbos)Eurorack
4.7.2 (Techno) 104HP 7UEurorack
Richard Scott 2020 (copied from gawlx)Eurorack
4.9 (Techno) 126HP (Mungo)Eurorack
4.8 (Techno) 126HP (Frap Tools)Eurorack
4.7.1 (Techno) 126HP 7U (Verbose + Rossum)Eurorack
Lady Starlight rack from Tech TalkEurorack
Richard Scott's RigEurorack
4.4 (Techno) 126HP (Verbos)Eurorack
4.2 (Techno) 126HP (Verbos)Eurorack
4.2 (Techno)Eurorack
4.1 (Techno)Eurorack
3 v3Eurorack
4 (Techno)Eurorack

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E560 Deflector Shield USA $230.00 
USTA USA $600.00 

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Collection 330 modules

O'Tool Plus, FONT, T-sspectrum, Belgrad, Erbe-Verb, DPLR, Vector Sequencer, Bitbox Micro (various panels), QSC - Quad Stereo Channel, ER-301: Sound Computer (People's Choice), Apex 4ROBOTS (Silver Panel), Quadratt 1U, Tallin, Ferry (inverted), FX AID, Desmodus Versio (Silver), MSCL, Mutant Hihats, Clock O' Pawn, Knight's Gallop, Chaos, Euclidean Circles v2, Six Switches, Z3000 Smart VCO MKII, E340 Cloud Generator, HATS909, SY0.5, nRings, Batumi, Ikarie, Time Warp, 321, Buff Mult, Imitor Versio (Silver), Ooots, Jack Expander, SCLPL, flipanda, Hyrlo, QMMF-4, Entity Percussion Synthesizer, nRings, nRings (black panel), Rangoon, Quantimator, ADM02 Grainshift, Time Wizard, Bard Quartet, Arpitecht, Polar8, F8R, moddict TDC-you / ConsoleEQ4, Bark Filter Processor, Sequence Selector, OWL Modular, Performance mixer, Mᴼᴺᴱ - Masterone, Bin Seq, Euclid, Stoicheia, Phoreo, FUMANA, Amplitude & Tone Controller, Random Sampling, Multi-Delay Processor, Voltage Multistage, Control Voltage Processor, Loquelic Iteritas, SERGE SEQUENCER 8 XL (SEQ8XL), Sarajewo, Samara II, Tirana II, Kamieniec, Moskwa II, uniCYCLE, ∑42, twinOUT, twinVCAmp, fourMative CONTOURS, quadroPOL, Amp & Tone, ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer, uWarps, LR4 Crossover, Noise & Filter, 333, Pamela’s NEW Workout, Twin Peak Resonator, Delay1022 v2, Messor, Control (Black), Autodub , AXYS, Arp, Numeric Repetitor (Black), SM800b Wobla, kxmx_bluemchen, TBD, Autodyne, Salt+ Expander, S-180 8-Step Sequencer, RND STEP, QCD Expander:, Quad Gate Delay, Tree, Vert, Leaves Expander, Step 8, PV44, Muxlicer, M185 Sequencer, Algorhythm, fA, mA, uLFO, LxD (Low Strike Duo), Ultrafold, Fold 6, Foundation Oscillator, Harmonic Shift Oscillator, Spectrum, ADDAC701.REV2, VCOb, SLIM O, TZ0 Thru-Zero VCO, DROID, SAPÈL, FALISTRI, 3340 VCO, Manifold, A-157-1, Half Dozen Fadas, Launch Codes (New Panel), Complex Oscillator, Zularic Repetitor, VC F3DB, Chloe V3, Amplitude, TriTone_black, Electron Fuzz Custom EFCCV, Multi-band Distortion, 100 Grit, TG5 Pre-Amplifier, Impulse Drive, Skorn da Bask, Boundary, Zero Point Oscillator, Harmonic Oscillator, Panharmonium, VCO-6 Multi Output Oscillator (White), Optomix rev2 2016, M303, FX AID Pro, CHASING LIGHTS, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Stages, DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, MORPHEUS, Hermod, Black Sequencer, Sinfonion, Drum Sequencer, Preset, Dynamics, knit rider (control only), Knit Rider Aluminium Panel, 6equencer-3U, ADDAC213A, Rack Plumber, Bishop's Miscellany, FSR 1U, Stereo Line In 1U, Duatt, USB Power 1U, Noise Tools 1U, Buff Mult 1U, Stereo Line Out 1U, Quadrax, XPO, Scan & Pan, Hexpander, Performance Mixer (black), Hexmix, Unity, Bionic Lester MK III, A-151, Dual Precision VCO, DPO, Contour 1, Osiris , HONEYEATER, Neóni, Domino, Multi Function Discrete VCO, VM-1S, Swarm Oscillator RT-311, Orage, Zephyr, 2xLFO, 0-CTRL, Mimeophon, QPAS, MODFX (WHITE), pkhi mk2, Dual Dagger, Circadian Rhythms, Line-In 1U, Booster Stage, ALM019 - HPO, ECHOZ (WHITE), Z5000 (WHITE), Steppy 1U, Passive LPG 1U, 2HP 1U Blank, Pedal I/O 1U, Sample Drum, Entity Ultra-Kick, BD808, ModBase 09 Mk II, Twin Peak Filter, Noise (Silver), XLR Balanced Stereo Output, ZORX 1U CV Bus, ECR+, 258e / DPO, Model 281e, 281h & 292h, Model 291e, Model 207e, Model 227e, Model 257e, OXI Pipe, AC/DC, E520 Hyperion Processor, E560 Deflector Shield, Stereo Mixer 1U, Strakal Brulu (Re Grenv Eo) Thonk Kit Edition, disting EX, FX AID_black, Tymp Legio (Silver), Zeroscope 1U, Peak+Hold, Delay1022, µTune, ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer (black), Humpback Filter, A-106-5 SEM, Strakal Silisiom, TOKYO GATE, 4U x 62HP Palette Case Top Row SILVER (0.5U), Metropolix, Nerdseq Grey Aluminium Front, Steppy, HATS909 (WHITE), Polydactyl Versio (Silver), Gx, Function (white knobs), Dual Attack Generator Model 180, MiniMod DH-ADSR Envelope (Silver Panel Version), Wave Packets, Function, Envelope X3 v2, Pingable Envelope Generator, LEVIT8, BLIP, SC - Stereo Channel, ADDAC304, Dual Universal Slope Generator SERGE MODULAR DUSG, Maths (white knobs), Quadra, Delta-V (Silver panel), Xer Dualis (Silver), Apex X (Silver), Dynamics Controller Bat, USTA, Constellation, Maestro, Hyrlo (inverted), Compare 2, Variable Q VCF Serge modular, ADDAC304, Listen IO, Ciao! (Aluminum), Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Add 2, Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO), Neutron Flux, Zagrzeb, Linnaeus, Stereo Dipole, Freak, CS-8 ol VDL-6, IMÁGENES, Fluctuations Magnétiques, DualSeM20 (Black), Dual SeM20 (limited edition), MMF-1, 4x Stereo Mix , 2xSAM_black, 4x Stereo Mix_black, Steady State Gate, Cosmix Pro, Little Mikey, ASSIMIL8OR, HAIBLE DUAL WASP FILTER, TwinPeak, ADDAC305 Manual Latches, Stolperbeats, GTO, ALM017-EX Pexp-2, VCF-02, XY IO, uTides II, Multi-FX 1U, Harlequin's Context, Milky Way 1U (silver), Disting mk4, Delta-V, Delay, Grainity, Cnōc, CTG-VC, Contour, Inertia, AUDIO INTERFACE, torus, Transmit 2, Pro Output (Black), Vortices and V-CV
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