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RaBe 6Ux84 cardboard Eurorack View
RaBe 6Ux84 (current) Eurorack View
R: Ctrlr Eurorack Private
Z want Eurorack View
Z selling these Eurorack View
How to sink 2000 EUR in just 42 HP Eurorack View
NEU! 2x84 (eng) Eurorack Private
RaBe 2x84 (2017 11) Eurorack Private
R: 3+1+3x104 Travel Case Eurorack Private
RaBe 6Ux84 (20171212) Eurorack View
RaBe 2x84 (maxmods) Eurorack Private
31313 18hp Eurorack Private
RaBe 2x84 (2017 11) (copy) Eurorack Private
30mm Eurorack Private
RaBe 2x84 (201903) Eurorack Private
RaBe 2x84 (2018 01) Eurorack Private
R: 2x84 NEW Eurorack Private
uModules Eurorack View
RaBe 2x84 (2018 03) Eurorack Private
my narrow way (2x60) Eurorack View
Superbooth18 Eurorack View
Olde Eurorack View
Fleischhut Eurorack Private
R: Bastl Marton 2x73 Eurorack Private
R: 21x4x3x2 Eurorack View
416 Eurorack Private
Small Live Eurorack View
Z all Eurorack Private
UNO126 Eurorack Private
hand drums 2 (copy) Eurorack View
drums Mini Eurorack Private
Pluck & Play (How to sink 2000 EUR in just 42 HP 2019 version) Eurorack View
FRAP Eurorack Private
UNO126 (7x18) Eurorack Private
UNO126 (20*6) Eurorack Private
shftrgstr Eurorack View
Benjoline Eurorack View
Z Bus Eurorack View
tg Eurorack Private
uD Eurorack Private
R: 313x104 MN max fun Eurorack Private
Grand WahZoo Eurorack View
RaBe 2x84 (201904) Eurorack Private
wc cgs Eurorack View
R: dr Eurorack View
Moody Red Box Eurorack View
2104 foc Eurorack Private
2104 fun Eurorack Private
nlc Eurorack View
4hp - Eurorack View
blu fox Eurorack Private
blak rack Eurorack Private
white fox Eurorack Private
4126n Eurorack View


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Continuum Phaser II EU €117,00  View
DAN (Modulaire Maritime panel) EU €69,00  View

Submitted Modules

L-121 Folding LFO 4 HP LFO View
RND Modul Logistische Gleichung 6 HP CV ModulationFunction GeneratorRandom View
VC Controlled Trigger Delay 6 HP CV Modulation View
Radio Music 9 HP OscillatorSampling View
QSlider 17 HP CV ModulationQuadUtility View

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This User has 250 modules in his collection.

A-138m, A-138b, A-180-1, Z8000 MK1, uZeus, Mult, OSC-02 Triple VCO, ADDAC302 Nchunk Control, A-151, A-180-2, Brain Seed, Trigger Man, Benjolin, LP1lightplane, DPLPG (Blue), A-143-9 Lin FM, A-160-2, Skis, B-010 Bool2 – logic module, C-212 ADSR – envelope gen w. inverted output, ALM008 - Pip Slope, RND Modul Logistische Gleichung, VC Controlled Trigger Delay, Grains, D-333 ROM Player, Uoki-Toki - 4 LFO, Tempi, A-184-1v, Fonitronik VC Clock (DIY), Pico DRUMS, Clouds (PCB Panel), A-115, A-119, A-121 (Discontinued), A-124, A-131, A-132-1, A-147 VCLFO, A-150, A-156, A-186-1, A-196, A-101-1, Function, DD Dual VCA, Sampleslicer, Röhren VCA (Tube VCA), Voltage Memory, Mikrophonie, modDemix 2014, Q-010, M-120 3Ch Attenuverting Mixer, C-214 ADSR with retrig input, Serge SSG, DPHWR, PS3100 Triple Vactrol Resonators, A-124 SE, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Braids Magpie plate, Shelves, V9a, Richter NoiseRing, LPG, Radio Music , A-106-5, Super Power, Frames, Yarns, Drum-98, RS-30, A-106-6, Korgasmatron II, Disting mk3, A-188-1Y, Sport Modulator, DC Mixer, MH11 ADC Pattern Sequencer, OR, 4x4=8 mixer, Grains (new panel), ADM15 Spectre, FM Ogre, μScale [v2], CONTROL FORGE, RS-35, Buff Mult, A-160-5, Echophon, MTX9, Reflex LiveLoop, Vulcan Modulator, Mind Meld v1, JUST FRIENDS, Pico Trigger, Pico DSP, Chain Reactor, Launch Codes, A-106-1, A-137-1, FXDf, Penta, Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, SDS_VCO, Discrete SVVCF, Mix, Ripples (PCB Panel), A-189-1, K4815 Pattern Generator, Serge NCOM, RF Nomad, J-011 Joystick Math, E350 Morphing Terrarium, Freez, A-135-1, A-135-1, Pole-Zero, FrequenSteiner, MA35 VCF / A, SAMPLING MODULATOR, M1xXOR, General CV, Erbe-Verb, Lamp-2, Ears, Rampage, Prizma, Prizma (Modest Panel), G8, Arcade, Comb, μClouds, Hand 手, Chronoblob, A-107, A-101-6, COLD MAC, Mysteron, A-113, CV Bus, A-111-3, A-152, Disting mk4, FH-1 'faderHost', Programa, Tides (PCB Panel), A-149-1, A-149-2, A-182-1, RECORD, Talko, uBraids Aluminum Panel, Lines 线, ADE-32 Octocontroller, Knight's Gallop, Pico Voice, CV Prozessor, 3xVCA, Cinnamon, XR22 VCO, Twin Peak Resonator, Planar 180°, 8bit Cipher, Arp, A-530 2ch(in) line preamp, VC Sequencer, nRings (black panel), CV Tools, A-142-4, Continuum Phaser II, A-112, uTemps (black panel), uO_c, ONE, Dual Mini Sequencer, XR-VCO (big version), VnIcursal VCA, ABC, A-114, ARSEq, Vert, E560 Deflector Shield, Pusher, CP3PLUS, Wiesolator E.X.O.S., TTLFO, VCSQ, A-141-2, BANK, Verb, Pico MODulator, Ian Fritz Jerkster, Dendrites, Kong, Tea Kick, Logica Gater, Make Noise Telharmonic (Grayscale panel), DAN (Modulaire Maritime panel), Warps, Plaits, Pluck, A-138s, Noise VCA, Pico OUT, μJack, Polaris, A-134-2, Clk, Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, A-171-1, Rene, Hexagram, Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), µBurst, RIT_M RhythmSequencer, Pico RND, EG, Dual Neuron / Diff Rect (Papernoise panel), LRMSMSLR, York Modular DIV2, YorkModular 69er, York Modular Circuits (YoMo) Lockhart Wavefolder, Popcorn, LFO v2 (Black Panel), Delay, Play, Benjolin, m11 (v4), Rene - Alternative Panel, Add1, SARA VCF, S-143, DUAL BORG, Richter Anti-Oscillator, Richter Oscillator II, Cat, Bindubba Sequencer, E-480, Snare, TM, Euclid, 3:1, Pico SEQ, Sequencer, Jenifer lowpez gate, A-110-4 SE, HPO, Hyrlo (inverted panel), Low-Gain Short Bus, Mixwitch and T43
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