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Submitted Modules

551 CP 4 HP MIDI View
543 CP 4 HP MixerPanningTunerVCADual/StereoExternal View
565 CP 4 HP QuadQuantizer View
SW 923 Noise/Filter 1 HP FilterNoise View
SW 961 Interface 3 HP ExpanderSequencerUtility View
SW 961 Interface CP 4 HP ExpanderSequencerUtility View
SW 962 CP 2 HP Switch View
SW 962 1 HP Switch View
SW Reversible Attenuator 1 HP AttenuatorPolarizer View
SW960 8 HP Sequencer View
Quantizer bank 1 HP Quantizer View
ADSR 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Dual Minimum/Maximum 1 HP Utility View
VC LFO 02 1 HP LFO View
VC LFO 01 1 HP LFO View
Haible Wavefolder 1 HP Waveshaper View
Dual VCA 1 HP VCA View
Pulse Delay 1 HP DelayDual/Stereo View
Dual Gate Delay 1 HP DelayDual/Stereo View
Clock Divider 1 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency Divider View
Fixed Filter Bank 4 HP EqualizerFilter View
Minimoog Filter 2 HP Filter View
Random Gates 1 HP RandomSequencer View
Dual Gated Slew 1 HP Dual/StereoSlew Limiter View
Dual Ring Modulator 1 HP Ring Modulator View
Sample & Hold / Noise 1 HP NoiseRandomSample and Hold View
VC Panning and Output Mixing 4 HP Dual/StereoExternalMixerPanningQuad View
AC-DC Mixer 2 HP Mixer View
1u AC-DC Mixer 1 HP Mixer View
Oscillator 2 HP Oscillator View
Comparators 1 HP ComparatorDual/Stereo View
Sequential Router 2 HP SequencerSwitch View
Quadrature LFO 1 HP LFOQuad View
Logical 1 HP Logic View
Dual Autobend 2 HP Dual/StereoExpressionPitch Shifter View

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Collection 815 modules

ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Z8000 MK1, μScale [v2], Springray II, 4x4x4, STMIX, Time Wizard, Router, 1/n, Divide & Conquer, dual logic, A-182-2, BOOLs, A-185-2, Bindubba Sequencer, Paths - Grayscale panel, Quadratt 1U, Switch 4, Arp, Quantoct Quad Quantizer, Barton Simple Dual Quantizer Clarke Panel, Octalink 1U, Mult 1U, Buff Mult 1U, FM AID, Dannysound Timbre, Make Noise Optomix (Grayscale panel), Segue, Maths v2 (Grayscale panel), OUT V3, A-182-1, A-150, Analog Delay, Let's Splosh, M-052 2-ch Aux Mixer, .VCO, Mutable Instruments Ripples (Grayscale panel), LFO v2, A-134-1, MVP - Manual Voltage Processor, 32:1, Triple Sloth, Statues, ANC, RING, Stereo Mixer, TWS+ with AC mod, Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO), Serge NCOM, Variable Slope VCF, Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM), Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Serge SSG, Variable Q VCF , A-141-2, SM010 Matrixarchate, A-138s, 2xLFO, 4HP MIX, XLR Balanced Stereo Output, Make Noise Morphagene (Grayscale panel), Tube VCA 2П2П, VCA, FKIT VCF, A-160-2, A-160-5, A-100B2, BMC26 Rando Chordo, A-143-2, A-143-4, RYO Aperture (Grayscale panel), Feague, A-115, 4seq, Zadar, A-151, A-148, DUAL FREQSHIFTER, P-180 Octal switchable “OR”, Mult, Quantum Rainbow 2, Attenuator, Brst, Oscillator, A-140-2, Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2, Seq, VacVac, Neo Mixer, Timbre & Timbre, ATOM (white panel), Mutable Instruments Shades (Grayscale panel), Cellular Automata, Mutable Instruments Frames (Grayscale panel), Motomouth, A-114, AVert, 4ms QPLFO (Grayscale panel), Microcell - uCell, µCell, Micro Supercell (aluminum panel), A-141-4, A-111-4, A-105-4, A-132-8, Sloth DK, Digital Tuner, Wangernumb, Numberwang, Six Switches, Euclidean Circles v2, A-156, Quad Gate Delay, Spring Reverb Mkii, Spring Reverb Mkii Expander, Make Noise STO (Grayscale panel), VCO MAXIMUS, VCF 2164, Humpback Filter, Chronoblob, WAVEFORMS, Chainsaw, Discrete SVVCF, Algebra, Mix, SOB, VCO, Phase Shifter, Triad, Dual LPG, DTM, Kinks, Link 2, Tune, The Big Room, Squid Axon, Beat Freq, Divine CMOS (8hp), CEM3340 VCO, Resonate, 8bit Cipher, Sauce of Unce, Make Noise QPAS (Grayscale aluminum panel), LxD (Low Strike Duo), 3:1, Rout, Shifty, A-132-4, Mutable Instruments Clouds (Grayscale panel), Q101 Power Control, Saw Animator, SympleSEQ Quad, 594 Multiples Module, FM AID, GMS-301 VCO, Manhattan Analog MVP, DUSG - CGS, 258j dual oscillator, Oscillator, Mixer, Q128 Switch, Q150A Transistor Ladder Filter, Q115 Spring Reverb, Q130 Clipper/Rectifier, Q125 Signal Processor , Q962 Sequential Switch, Q179 Envelope++, Overdrive II, 1520 Segwencer IV, Quad Attenuators, Double Rainbow, LiquidHH, BMC018 Analog Drum, Thomas White triple LPG, Q131 Single Blank Panel, Integer Dividers, VG2, BARTON - VC CLOCK/DIVIDER, Klee, 16 Step Rotary Sequencer, C 969, Active Multiples, Q960 Sequential Controller, 511AC Quad VC Gate Delay, Sea Devils Filter, Active Attenuators, Wave Folder, j3rk Dual Gene Splicer, Toppobrillo Triple Wavefolder DIY (TWF), Q119 24-Stage Sequencer, 1510 Octal Linear VCA, 511c, FSFX 102: Granular Audio Processor, Q172 Quantizer Aid, Q124 Multiples, Q111 Pan/Fade, Q142 Pedal Interface, Q173 Gate Math, Q961 Sequencer Interface, Q963 Trigger Bus, Q120 Connector Interface, 525 Quad Reversible Attenuators, SW 984 FOUR CHANNEL MATRIX MIXER, Q119 Gate Expander – Model 1619, AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer, MOSPhaser, 524 Quad Low Frequency Oscillator, 526 Reversible Mixer, DUAL VCA 1U, u4R, 1U Sloth Chaos, u3A, u2X, 553 MIDI to Clock, SW 901A/BBB, Q148 VCA++, Time Machine, acGRISTLE Deluxe, Q107A State Variable Filter (VCF), SW 903A, ACX Master Clock, Q147 Distributor, 524A, 592 Reversible Modulation Matrix, 592 Reversable , M592i, 592O, romanF 266r SOU, J Haible Tau Phase Shifter, Metalizer, 554 Octal Clock Divider, Q146 Normalization, Buchla case spacer, Model 252e, Model 227e, Model 296e, Model 250e, Model 210e, Model 251e, Model 285e, Model 281e, Model 292e, Model 266e, Model 291e, Model 297, Model 257e, Model 223e, Model 272e, Model 222e, Sputnik CV TOOLBOX MODEL 244, Control Voltage Slew Processor, Quad Control Voltage Processor Model 254e, 258v, Animated Tricillator - Model 2AT, 2JaM, Dual CV Polymorpher - Model 2OC 1.5, hVC + hED, ZOe, 565 D Quantizer Controller, 565 v3 Quad Quantizer, SW 905 REVERBERATION UNIT, 3x MIA, MIXMODE, Invert/Offset MK2, Triplatt, RS-150 Sequential Switch, Sputnik Dual Defect Processor Model 289, Model 207e, Quad-Atten, Plague Bearer v4 (Grayscale panel), Pearl (White Face), Dual Autobend, Logical, VC Panning and Output Mixing, Fixed Filter Bank, CV Recorder, Oscillator, Minimoog Filter, Dual Gate Delay, ADSR, Clock Divider, VC LFO 01, VC LFO 02, Quadrature LFO, AC-DC Mixer, Sequential Router, Haible Wavefolder, Dual Gated Slew, Dual Minimum/Maximum, Comparators, Dual Ring Modulator, Random Gates, Pulse Delay, Sample & Hold / Noise, Dual VCA, 1u AC-DC Mixer, Quantizer bank, Q162 Filter Mixer for Q107, SW 902, Logic Module, C 1680, C 1660, West Coast Random Source, C 939, C 938 Reversible Mixer, 563 v3, Q106A Oscillator (VCO), Bode Frequency Shifter, Mixer small, CGS 101 DCSM, Q113 8-Channel Mixer, 1610 V-Gates, 1515 AD / AR (Envelope) Expander, Q174 MIDI Interface, Q175 MIDI Interface Aid, Q170 MIDI Gates, Q157 SH++ Sample and Hold, Q155 Curver, VC Inverter, Slope Detector, VCA, Q127 Fixed Filter Bank, Q108 Amplifier (VCA), Q112 4-Channel Mixer, biggest blackest clock outs, RS-350, 517 Coupled LP/HP Filter, 500-1L, System X Dual VCA, System X Dual Envelope Generator, System X VCF, System X VCO, Waverunner LFO, J258, VC Clock Divider, Signal Amplifier, M 543 Stereo Output Mixer, 564 Sequential Divider Switch, 563E, Q167 LFO++ Low Frequency Oscillator, Q114 Mixer++, C107 Quad Linear VCA / VC Mixer, C108 Dual VCA, C102 VC LFO, C111 Multimode Contour Generator, C106 Dual Loopable VC AD Envelope & more, 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source, 569EG, 568A QSTS Assistant, 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source, 569LE Quad Lag Expander, 567, 569ESB, Q116 Ring Modulator, Q110 Noise Source, C 1670, Super Sawtor, J109, J150 Trumansburg VCF Panel, CP 1u blank, 525M CP, 544 CP, 569LE CP Quad Lag Expander, 543 CP, 551 CP, M 543 E CP, 590MCP, 524CP Quad LFO, 564 CP, SW CP3H, SW CP, Q137 Power Control and Interface, Q103 DC Power Interface, SW 912 ENVELOPE FOLLOWER, 511D DUAL ENVELOPE GENERATOR, SW960, SW Reversible Attenuator, SW 962, SW 962 CP, SW 961 Interface, SW 961 Interface CP, SW 914, SW 901, SW 923 Noise/Filter, SW 911A, SW 994, SW 6401M BODE RING MODULATOR, SW 911, SW 904A, SW 904B, SW 995, SW921AB OSCILLATOR BANK, SW921 OSCILLATOR, GMS-710 VC ADSR, A-140-2V, 565 CP, 501D, 501M, SW 907A FIXED FILTER BANK, Analogue Synthesizer Voice, VCO controller, 592IO, 502D, A-141-2v, FSFX 115: Teezer Thru-Zero VCO, CP5 Attenuator/Mult, CP9A, SW CP3, Tagh, vincâ, Lúbadh expander, Lúbadh, arbhar, arbhar expander, i-o47, [2]f, Athru, Cs-L, tanh[3], Ceis, Neònach [Custom Shop], SCION, tona, Harmonaig, QPQ Quad Performance Quantizer [Custom Shop], traigh, ochd, RS-260, Maths (white knobs), Dual Looping Delay, Voltage Block, uZeus, InOut (Mk. II), Twin Variable Waveform Generator, Trilateral Oscillator Bank, Ladder Filter & VCA, Liquid Filter, Octal Linear VCA, Helical Oscillators, Twin Apex Engine, Ripple Effect Modeling Engine, Precision Pulse Generator, Triple Break Multiples, Voltage Controlled Stereo Output, Even & Odd Frequency Divider, Dual Sequential Switch, Analog Shift Register, VCADSR Envelope, Interloping Envelope, Octal Contour Generator, Triple Envelope, Quantum Swing Sequencer, Bi-Directional Sequential Controller & Gate Matrix, Spring Reverb Driver, Attack/Release Sequencer, Resonant Equalizer, 1Ж24Б Tube VCA, 329 Phase-Shifter/Flanger, Algorithmic Resonance Engine, Voltage Controlled Keyframe Interpolator, Octal Indolent Chatic Attractor Engine, Quad Voltage Controlled Polarizer, Random Voltage Source, Octal Analog Multipliers, Multi-Function Signal Processor, Sequence Selector, Random Sampling, Amp & Tone, Foundation Oscillator, Scan & Pan, Control Voltage Processor, Noise & Filter, Voltage Multistage, Multi-Envelope, Harmonic Oscillator, Complex Oscillator, Multi-Delay Processor, Dual Four Pole, Bark Filter Processor, Mini Horse, Touchplate Keyboard, 569ES Set Input Expander, NS-4 Noise and S&H, ATT-4, VCA-4MX, INS-2MX, VCA-2P, PH-4, VC-FCS Stereo Forward Compressor, RG-6 (Grayscale alt panel), DMF-2, VCEQ-3, MMF-6 (Grayscale alt panel), VCO-6, D-LFO, SPH-2, CTG-VC (Grayscale alt panel), FSH-1, ADSR-VC2, MMF-1S (Grayscale alt panel), RES-4, VM-1S (grey) , RM-2S, AI-2, MX-4S, VCO-2RM, Blank Panel 1HP, Multiple, SYSTEM 100 112 DUAL VCO, SYSTEM 100 150 RING MOD/NOISE/ S&H/LFO, SYSTEM 100 165 DUAL PORTAMENTO CONTROLLER, SYSTEM 100 172 PHASE SHIFTER/AUDIO DELAY/GATE DELAY/LFO, SYSTEM 100 130 DUAL VCA, SYSTEM 100 121 DUAL VCF, SYSTEM 100 173 QUAD SIGNAL GATE/ PATCH BAY, SYSTEM 100 131 MIXER/OSCILLATOR/ HEADPHONE AMP, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, SYSTEM 100 182 ANALOG SEQUENCER, SYSTEM 100 132 DUAL CV/AUDIO MIXER & CV GENERATOR, SYSTEM 100 110 VCO/VCF/VCA, Logic, Pico ALOGIC, zSUM-1A, LFO, DPO, Erbe-Verb (white knobs), Phonogene, MMG, Contour (blue knobs), Function, STO, modDemix 2014, Optomix, FXDf, RxMx, Echophon, A-135-3, Coherence, Z4000 VC-EG, LEVIT8, A-155v, Eloquencer, Metron (Black), Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front, Varigate 8+, Quad LFO, Quad VCA, Maths, MIX 4, BD808, SD808, MSCL, VC8, METRON, Eloquencer (Silver), Nerdseq Grey/Black Aluminium, NerdSEQ CV16 Expander Black/Grey, NERDSEQ – TRIGGER16 EXPANDER GREY/BLACK, NerdSEQ CV16 Expander Black, Nerdseq - 'More Triggers 16' Expander Black, Binary, ADE-33 Event Boss, A-186-1, B-010 Bool2 – logic module, Metamorph, Blank Panel, MiniMod Precision Voltages, Entropic Doom, Lunar Module, FFB 914, MiniMod Sample Hold + Slew, Gemini 2412 Dual SVF black, FINALISER R-EQ, Minimod Dual LFO & VCA (Dark Edition), MiniMod CV Mix-Offset-VCA (Dark Edition), MiniMod Glide + Noise "Dark Edition", Sonic XV Diode Ladder Filter, MiniMod Vintage Transistor Core VCO "Dark Edition", Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter "Dark Edition", MiniMod Discrete Cascaded VCA "Dark Edition", MiniMod Contour Generators "Dark Edition", Ring SM (Black), MiniMod DH-ADSR Envelope (Dark Edition), MiniMod Gain Switch Multi (Dark Edition), V-Scale Variable Buffer (Dark Edition), V Shape, A-156v, A-138bV, A-101-2v, A-199v, A-185-2v, A-151v, A-138aV, A-132-3v, A-188-1v, A-150v, A-171-2v, TheBateleur - Voltage Controlled Oscillator MKII, TheBateleur Expander (6HP) MKII, TheBateleur - Mixer / Noise, 921 VCO, 902 VCA, 921 ABB, 921, A-184-1v, A-138nV, LFO v2 (Black Panel), A-138pV, A-138oV, Supercell (aluminum panel), Make Noise X-Pan (Grayscale aluminum panel), Make Noise Mimeophon (Grayscale aluminum panel), 4ms DLD Dual Looping Delay (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Veils (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Blinds (Grayscale panel), Turing Machine v2 hybrid panel, Mutable Instruments Rings (Grayscale panel), x0x heart Eurorack Module, 4ms QCD Expander (Grayscale panel), 4ms SMR Spectral Multiband Resonator (Grayscale panel), Make Noise RxMx (Grayscale panel), 4ms QCD (Grayscale panel), Make Noise Richter Wogglebug (Grayscale panel), Make Noise Rosie (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Branches (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Yarns (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Shelves (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Elements (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Edges (Grayscale panel), Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms (Grayscale Panel), x0x Heart (Grayscale panel), RYO Optodist (Grayscale panel), Furthrrrr Generator (Grayscale panel), Cwejman VCO-2RM (Grayscale panel), Cwejman MMF-1 (Grayscale panel), Cwejman VCA-4MX (Grayscale panel), Make Noise MMG Multimode Gate (Grayscale panel), Make Noise Function (Grayscale panel), Make Noise modDemix (Grayscale panel), 4ms VCA Matrix VCAM (Grayscale panel), 4ms PEG (Grayscale panel), 281 Dual Function Generator (Grayscale panel), WMD Geiger Counter (Grayscale panel), Make Noise Tempi (Grayscale panel), DPO (Grayscale panel), Turing Machine - Grayscale Hybrid Panel, Cwejman RES-4 (Grayscale panel), Fonitronik Sequential Switch (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Kinks (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Peaks (Grayscale panel), uO_c (aluminum panel), Make Noise Erbe-Verb (Grayscale panel), Make Noise Echophon (Grayscale panel), Tune (Black Panel), Arp (Black Panel), Brst (Black Panel), Seq (Black Panel), Logic (Black Panel), Comp (Black Panel), Unity (Black Panel), Rout (Black Panel), 3:1 (Black Panel), Avert (Black Panel), VCA (Black Panel), Mega-Phase 12, uO_c (black panel), West Coast Random Source, Quad Function & Trigger Source, Dual Oscillator, CV Processor, Selector, Valve Multiplier, Quad VCF/VCA, Multistep Voltage Source, Frames, Tides, Stages, Clouds, Marbles, Rings, Blinds, Veils, Branches, Shades, Peaks, Ripples, Grids, Shelves (2015), Streams, SM800a Wobla, Mini Slew, Blender, Amplitude, Stereo Dipole, S.P.O., Warps, Erbe-Verb, Peaks, Mutamix, 2Win, 8 Bit Cipher - Magpie white panel, CPU Filter, JP6-VCF Aluminum Panel, Filtare SEIII, Subharmonicon (2020 edition), ZVERB (WHITE), ECHOZ (WHITE), Z5000 (WHITE), MISO, MIX7, Fold Processor, ONE, QuantiZer, Z8000, Z2040, Z-DSP (NS), Z4000 NS, Forbidden Planet, SD808 (WHITE), HATS808 (WHITE), BD808 (WHITE), MA808 (WHITE), Circadian Rhythms, RS808 (WHITE), CP909 (WHITE), CYMBL909 (WHITE), VCA, Z3000 Smart VCO MKII, TOMS909, MIXZ, Z2040 LP-VCF, HATS808, CP909, RS808, MA808, CYMBL909, Trigger Riot, Z-DSP, L-121 Folding LFO, DVCA, Radio Music, ADSRjr, Clep Diaz, Anti-Oscillator (Wiard a.k.a."Gargoyles" version), Generate 3, VCF-12, Altar, NEW cloud busting . blank, TWO PRINCESS blanka errorinstruments, TWO PRINCESS noir errorinstruments, 914, Clouds, Marbles, DVCA, DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, 24dB LPF, 24dB HPF, 12dB BPF, Quadrax, Steppy, Mixup, Morgasmatron, Rubicon II, Quad VCA, Plonk, Rainmaker, Audio Interface II, Dual ADSR, Plog, Polaris, Qx, Tete, Tetrapad, Jellysquasher , Dual Cyclotron "v7", Chaos Computer, Audio Frequency Generator (AFG), Vulcan Modulator, Dalek Modulator, Varigate 4+, AD/LFO, DUAL BORG, Richter Envelator, Richter NoiseRing, Richter Anti-Oscillator, Richter Oscillator II, Manther Growl, Spring (Custom Panel), A-138sV, A-180-9, A-114V, Ripples (2020), Shades (2020), ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer (black), troika [Black & Gold Panel], VCMC, Pamela’s NEW Workout, Programmable Stochastic Voltage Generator, Deckard's Voice, 960 SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER, uTemps (aluminum panel), VnIcursal VCA(Soulless panel), Prodigy Dual VCO, Haible Living VCOs , Harmonic Oscillator 262v, Model 225e, 287e Jardin de Sons Concrets, 259e, 292e, 256e, Benjolin RED, 257e, 297, 250e, 259e, FURTHRRRR GENERATOR roots 259 panel, Papomi, Moonwalker, DJ Thomas White Dual LPG and Veils (2020)

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ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout (5), Z8000 MK1 (5), μScale [v2] (5), Springray II (5), 4x4x4 (5), STMIX (5) and PH-4 (White) (5)
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